Admissions 2020
Two day National Workshop on Financial Management in Academic Libraries
Date: 13/Dec/2019 - 14/Dec/2019
9:00 Am to 5:00 PM
Kalamassery Campus

Financial management and physical resource management in libraries or in any other organization is inseparably bound together. The techniques of financial management   deals with obtaining funds, budgeting and proper accounting them for use. If academic libraries are to survive providing active support in teaching and research, they must be sensitive to changing conditions within their internal and in the external environment. Financial management is also an important part of a Librarian’s / Institutional Administrator’s duty which includes planning, allocation of resources and control.
​​In the accreditation process proper budgeting and accounting of an institution’s financial resources is highly significant.  Hence this workshop tries to throw some insight into the various aspects of financial management of Libraries in an organization.

This workshop spans over two days and  will focus on discussions by experts  on

  • Govt. Policies and Regulations regarding E-Governance in Educational Institutions
  • Good governance and related areas
  •  E-tendering : Procedures and Issues
  •  Information security 
  • Higher education policies and regulations for College Libraries
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