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Department of Library and Information Science

Faculty Publications

Published Year

Name of Faculty Course Type of Publication Title of Publication Publisher Details Published Date
Dr. M. D. Baby MLISc 1 Year Journal Exploring Information Seeking behaviour of Undergraduate Medical Students in Govt.Medical College, Thrissur

International Journal of Information Sources and Services.ISSN Number:2349-428.

January 2017
Dr. M. D. Baby MLISc 1 Year Journal Use of CeRA Consortium by thye PG Studets and Faculty of College of Veterinary and Anmal Sciences, Thrissur, Kerala

Kelpro Bulletin.ISSN Number:0975-4911.

March 2016
Matty P C MLISc 1 Year Journal Managerial Skills for Library Professionals in the Digital Library Environment

Indian Journal Information Sources and Services.ISSN Number:2231-6094.

January 2019