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Department of Biosciences

Dept. of Biosciences

Department of Biosciences is a multidisciplinary research institute that aims to uplift the life of poor people and rural farmers through modern scientific research and extension activities. It encompasses major domains of biosocial sciences research,







Major research areas

  • Plant biotechnology
  • Genome editing
  • Ethnopharmacology
  • Phytochemistry
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Microbiology and probiotic research
  • Training and extension activities

Objectives of research

  • To improve crop plants and help rural farmers for sustainable agriculture through modern biotechnological research
  • To find medicines for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, inflammation, tuberculosis, etc.
  • To find and extract novel compounds from medicinal plants and microbes to cure diseases
  • To promote edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation for the benefit of people
  • To conduct awareness and extension program for rural farmers to improve their livelihood


Products and processes developed as part of the ICSSR-IMPRESS Project

1.Coconut value-added products: Virgin coconut oil, Desiccated coconut, Coco jelly, Coconut chips, Coconut milk, Coconut sod, Coconut candy, Coconut ladoo, Coconut cookies, Coconut burfi, Coconut vinegar.
2.Coconut shell based products: Eco-friendly ice cream cups, coconut bowl, Decorative lamps, Eco-friendly steam cake maker (Puttu maker).
3.Coconut husk based products: Coconut jug, Bath scrubber, Loofah, Bottle brushes, Handicraft items.
4.Coconut leaf based products: Polymerized coconut leaf based roofing and flooring tiles, Eco-friendly pen stand.
5.Devices and machinery developed

  • Tender coconut punching cum cutting machine
  • Multi-utilitarian copra detacher
  • Semi-automatic cutting machine for matured, dehusked coconuts
  • Broom stick making device
  • Coconut fibre pot making machine
  • Coconut leaf straw making device
  • Coconut milk extracting machine
  • Low cost copra cutting device
  • Different models of Poly houses
  • Humidifiers
  • Spawn mixing device 
  • Accessory devices for Mushroom cultivation


SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES 07 September 2020 to 07 September 2020

Management educators ,no doubt, are looking for tools which can equip the students with employment ready skills while providing a conducive learning experience. Business schools have been using cases to create a real-life environment but active participation by all cannot be ensured even in case discussions. Simulation on the other hand does not permit passive participants. Any simulation will easily persuade the student to apply all his abilities to solve the problem at hand and thus gives him a real-life experience. It is thus an effective tool set in a highly user-friendly environment.

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